#11, REVIVAL PRINT CO.                         

Taking the old adage of "when one door closes, another one opens" literally, Daniel Parente took the closing of his paintball and skate board shop as an opportunity to teach himself how to screen print. He'd been harnessing his talents in the heart of Braddock for over 6 years and went from a one man band to a full service print shop with 3 artists and one powerhouse of an operations and office team.  With a second year in Lawrenceville, Revival Print Co. is excited to be part of the studio tour yet again.  This year not only have we opened our doors to a new and larger studio but we’ve extended our services adding Joshua Snider formerly of S. N’Son to run Revival Copy Center.  On November 19th stop on by to not only check out some quality Pittsburgh made apparel but photography, prints, and abstract art created by our talented team. 

Revival Print Co.

Daniel Parente: Screen Printer & Designer

Josh Snider: Printmaker

John Michnya: Screen Printer & Designer


4310 Butler Street

My name is Hannah Powell and I’ve lived around the Pittsburgh area my entire life. I fell in love with painting at a young age- and I am excited to have the opportunity to share what I am passionate about. In my paintings I use abstraction to explore light, shadows and color. Whether using oil, acrylic or a combination of both, I use many thin layers of color to create images that can be interpreted differently by each viewer.  There is a fine line as an abstract painter to know when to stop. Since my pieces can change so dramatically very quickly, I prefer to complete a painting in one sitting- this gives a raw freshness to the work that is evident to the viewer.

Hannah Powell: Abstract Painter




Artist, Bouncer, Clerk, Cook, Critic

Sam Ippolito: Photography