Hatfield Laundry is a multi-artist, multi-disciplined studio. Inside these walls you will find work by Run Rabbit Gilding, Hobo Pigeon Studio, Moon Pine, David Calfo, and Emily Montgomery. Check out each artist's website for more information.

Run Rabbit Gilding / Andrew PaulGilding, Sign Painting

Run Rabbit Gilding started simply from a love of the old handcrafted style of sign painting.  Pittsburgh is filled with old buildings that deserve a touch of gold, a reference to their history, and I would be honored to grace them with it. We specialize in Window Gilding - gold leaf in reverse - but we are also skilled in surface gilding on vehicles, boats, bikes, and signs.  We work with all types of leaf; gold, silver, aluminum, copper and variegated. We can offer design services, or work with already created brands.

Hobo Pigeon Studio: Visual Communication + Design

A multi-discipline visual communication studio offering up the daily grind of print and digital design, editorial layout for companies and cultural institutions, food and beverage branding, logos and escutcheons, strategic thinking and creative direction, and a flair for creating personal connections. Firmly rooted in the work ethic of its namesakes, Hobo Pigeon Studio subscribes to the notion that good design—and great thinking—is derived from proper intention, and clearly and confidently communicates the subject matter it supports.

Moon Pine: Jewelry, Printmaking


Salvage artist, master carpenter, community activist and adventurist. Also an all-around decent guy who lives and breathes for artistic expression. From guerrilla art installations that encourage people to take some time to stare at the stars to lonely figures sculpted out of centuries-old wood, David Calfo has done a little bit of everything -- and he is still experimenting.

David Calfo: Artist and Master Carpenter


Emily Montgomery: Photography