219 57th Street


Lori Hepner: Photography, Performance, Light Art

Leah Patgorski: Textile Sculpture

Janice Schuler: Painter, Printmaker, Photography

Frank Walsh: Photography

With 20 + years of experience of primarily partnering with advertising and design firms, Frank has photographed everything from ants to automobiles to fulfill the clients’ needs. This includes clients such as Campbell’s, Philips, ESPN, and Highmark.

Frank Walsh: Photography


Leah Patgorski Textile Sculpture Leah Patgorski has one degree in Architecture and another in Fine Arts, and she has worked for a drapery manufacturer, a wood shop, a design school, and various architects. Her artwork consists primarily of sculptures and panels made of textiles, and she has been commissioned to make various pieces ranging from a life-size canvas rowboat to a 70-ft-long installation of layered fabrics. Leah’s work has been exhibited in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milan, and Vienna.

Leah Patgorski: Textile Sculpture


Lori Hepner: Photography, Performance, Light Art


Lori Hepner is a fine artist working primarily in conceptually based photography, LED device artworks, as well as curating exploratory journeys for other artists. In her work, she performs digitized, luminous traces of personal landscapes to capture the future memories of places. She uses customized LED devices to gesturally re-draw muscle memories from her strolls, paddles, and treks across the Arctic.

Janice Schuler: Painter, Printmaker, Photographer


Pittsburgh native, and CMU graduate,  Janice Schuler is known for her highly textured, semi-abstract paintings.  She creates layered color fields from which figurative imagery emerges.  Some of her work is aimed at exploring social issues. "Flawless" is a series aimed to bring attention to the  diseases of addiction and mental illness.  A critique of a medicated society as well as a medicalized-dependent sensibility-- in which Schuler explores the relationship between desire, the new fashion-oriented clamour and  the immediacy of pills.  What comes in a bottle are efficient means of having a better life... not just to heal, but to fulfill wishes for a better body, mind, sexuality. For example, The "Barbie Pill," (name it has been marketed under) promises a perfect tan without pesky UV rays. Currently she is working on the series, "Pink Poison: Gender Studies." This figurative series of images explores the iconic color pink and it's historical role as a  gender definer.  It also carries connotations of sterotypical oppressive women's roles. Gender Studies combines ideologies of color with contemporary gender fluidity. Schuler belongs to AAP, PSA, and Group A. Schuler has exhibited in San Francisco,  Chautauqua, NY, and numerous galleries, and the Cultural Trust in the Pittsburgh area. Her studio is filled with a mix of photographs of Pittsburgh, large-scale paintings, small works, and fiber collages. 

57th Street Studios is located in Upper Lawrenceville at 219 57th Street. The building, St. Mary’s Church, was renovated to house 6 Private Studio Spaces available for rent. The spaces are designed for individuals who are looking for access to a mature Creative Contemporary Environment. A lounge and working gallery offers a common shared space that allows tenants of varied disciplines to gather, share, collaborate and feed-off one another. An environment that stimulates and encourages creative conversation to flow freely and openly.